Monday, May 17, 2010

Wild Story From The NBA....

This story has nothing to do with Auburn, but I thought this rumor was so juicy it had to be talked about. According to several websites on the internet, the reason Lebron James is considering leaving the Clevland Cavaliers is not because of his contract, or ownership, or even his team dragging their feet in bringing in players to help him win a championship. No, the word around the campfire is Lebron is leaving Clevland because of his mom.

According to the NBA rumor mill, Lebron James' mom, Gloria James has been having a love affair with Lebron's teammate and former friend Delonte West. Yes indeed, reports are surfacing that Lebron found out prior to game four of the Cavs series with the Boston Celtics that teammate Delonte West has been in a love affair with his mom for the last several months and the fallout was not a good one.

Apparently, when Lebron found out about the affair a fight insued that killed not only the teams chemistry, but also hindered Lebron's concentration and ended any hopes of the Cavs advancing further into the playoffs. Lebron, who many expected would take over game 5 of the series when it was tied 2-2, turned in one of his worst performances as a pro and looked as though his head wasn't in the game. Was this the reason? Many are speculating that James' poor play was in direct result of this scandal and that he will bolt from Clevland as soon as possible, leaving bad memories behind.

Again, none of this has been proven and as of today, all this story is, is a rumor. Representatives for Delonte West, as well as Lebron James and his mom Gloria have refused to comment to confirm or deny the rumors as of today either, though.

So as it stands now, two questions are on everyone's mind. Did Delonte West and Gloria James cost the Cavs a championship? And if this rumor is true, will Delonte make it out of Clevland alive, after Cavs fans lose Lebron to another team because of this scandal?

Only time will tell....

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